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What Will Effective Aftercare Do For You and Your Loved One?

Posted on 29. Aug, 2016 by in Addiction, Alcohol & Drug Abuse

The decision to enter a rehabilitation facility and overcome an addiction is admirable. While there is much to do during those first few critical weeks, the effort to get clean and stay that way does not end when the addict completes the initial stage of the program.

If you love someone who is learning to control an addiction, you must be invested in providing some of the aftercare needed to motivate the individual to live each day without slipping into old habits. Here are elements of aftercare that may be part of the plan, and how they will make a difference for your loved one and for you.

Special Housing at First

Don’t be surprised if your loved one chooses to live in what is known as a sober living house. This is a place that helps ease the transition from the supervision in the rehab facility to the freedom found outside. You will have more opportunities to visit and begin to rebuild any connections that were damaged during the course of the substance abuse.

Learning From the Past Without Living There

Some people think they need to forget what happened while the loved one was in the throes of the addiction. In fact, that’s the last thing that needs to happen. When and as the need arises, be willing to talk with your friend or relative about something that took place in the old days. Your willingness to listen without judgment makes it easier to keep things in perspective and reinforce the desire to stay clean.

During those discussions, let your words and actions convey the message that today is a brand new start. Mining the past for anything that’s helpful is one thing, but dwelling on it too much will lead to missing out on some great things in the present.

Going to a Support Group

It’s not unusual for aftercare programs to include attending a support group. If your loved one is hesitant to attend, offer to go along the first few times. Since you are there, it will be easier to get to know others in the group and begin to build connections. It won’t be long until your loved one feels accepted and starts to look forward to those meetings.

A Little Support For You is Good Too

Even as your loved one settles into a substance free lifestyle and makes friends with people who have been in the same boat, it would good for you to seek out a support group for people who want to help their loved ones stay clean. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn from others who are seeking to find a balance between being supportive and getting in the way of the loved one regaining control of his or her life.

This group can also be your place to vent when things are not going as smoothly as you would like. Having that outlet makes it easier for you to remain objective around your loved one and provide the help needed when the temptation to return to those old ways strengthens.

Remember that aftercare can come in many forms. The goal is to ensure that whatever takes place, those living arrangements and interactions motivate the addict to stay clean and make positive choices. With your support, the chances of a relapse during that first critical year will be reduced significantly.


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