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What You Need To Know About A Teen Eating Disorder

Posted on 14. Jun, 2013 by in Disorders

A teen eating disorder is not as simple as unusual eating habits.  If your teenager has developed bulimia, anorexia, or binge-eating, she needs professional help immediately.

Eating disorders generally have an underlying psychological cause.  Intense, specialized therapy is necessary if she is to recover.  Your teen’s therapist can determine the cause, and work with her to find constructive solutions.  In a treatment program, she will also have nutrition counseling.  This can help her develop healthier habits.  She can begin to enjoy food, and appreciate good nutrition.

When these conditions are not treated, they can result in permanent health problems.  Some medical issues associated with eating disorders are very serious.  In some cases, eating disorders result in death.

If she receives treatment, she can achieve a full recovery.  She can have a healthy, happy, stable life.  However, recovery cannot be accomplished overnight.  It requires patience and understanding on your part, and your teen’s desire to get well.

If your teen is obsessed with her weight, specific foods, or counting calories, the wisest approach is to have her evaluated by a professional.  It is not a matter of normal dieting, food preferences, or a part of growing up.  These are legitimate conditions that can endanger her health and her life.

Recovery from a teen eating disorder is possible.  As a parent, you must take the sensible approach and choose a treatment facility for your child.  Rather than taking unnecessary risks, her psychological and physical health can improve.  She can eventually move on to a good, healthy life.


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