Warning Signs of Alcoholism

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Social drinking is such a common and widely accepted custom in our society that it is not always easy to recognize when you may have crossed into dangerous territory. A few beers after work, wine with dinner, and cocktails at social events are all part of an active social life. But social drinking can sometimes get out of control. Problem drinking spans a continuum from abuse (self-destructive but still in control) to full-blown dependence, known as alcoholism. Everyone should be aware of the top two warning signs of alcoholism.


Have you noticed that it takes more and more glasses of your favorite drink to get you to your “happy place?” Our bodies gradually become accustomed to the effects of alcohol, so the more you drink, the more you need to drink. If one bottle of wine is no longer enough to get you through dinner, it may be time to do some serious self-examination.


As with any addictive substance, your body will grow dependent on alcohol and experience withdrawal in its absence. Common symptoms include shakiness, sweating, depression, nausea and loss of appetite. Severe cases may experience hallucinations or seizures.

In addition to the top two warning signs of alcoholism noted above, there are several more problem behaviors of which you should be aware. Has drinking become the focus of your life? Are you ignoring friends and family, becoming unreliable at work, or taking no interest in activities that used to give you great satisfaction? Do you sometimes think that you are drinking too much and too often? Do you make promises to yourself or others that you will cut back, but find it impossible to follow through on those promises? Or maybe you have managed to curb your drinking for a time, but inevitably revert back to your previous levels of consumption.

Admitting that you have a problem is the first step along the road to eventual recovery. A medical professional can review your behavior for signs of alcoholism and suggest treatment options.

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