Understanding Risk Factors For Drug Abuse

Posted on 23. Jul, 2013 by in Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Drug abuse does not favor anyone one economic or social group of individuals. Anyone of any sex or age can become addicted without even their closest family members or friends realizing that it is happening. There are, however, a variety of factors that may affect whether an individual is more likely to suffer from some sort of addiction. By understanding these risk factors people may be better able to determine if they or a loved one is more capable of becoming dependent on drugs.

Researchers believe that addiction is more commonly found when there is a family history of the problem. If an individual has a parent, sibling or other blood relative who has struggled with alcohol or drugs they are at a greater risk of having similar problems. Men are also more liley to be involved in drug abuse than women, especially if they already have some type of psychological disorder. People who have depression or post-traumatic stress disorder may start taking drugs as a way to cope with their other problems.

The environment at home, work or even school may play a part too. If a teenager is not closely connected to other family members or has little supervision it may increase the chances that the person will start using drugs. Teenagers may also feel pressured by other teenagers who engage in drug abuse. Often teenagers who do use drugs find it is a way to be socially accepted in their circle of friends. Knowing the risk factors involved in abusing drugs may help people who are concerned learn to recognize the danger signs of when a friend of loved one is having problems and needs help.

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