Understanding Addictive Personalities

Posted on 13. Sep, 2013 by in Alcohol & Drug Abuse, Sober Living

Substance abuse is a problem that can affect people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and income levels. Doctors and other treatment providers continue to seek answers to why some people who use a substance are able to stop on their own while others become addicted. The difference between those who use a substance and those who abuse a substance might help scientists predict who is most susceptible to addiction and how best to treat those already suffering from addiction. In an attempt to better identify those who might be more prone to developing an addiction, medical experts have compiled a series of personality traits found in people who might be more likely to become addicted to a substance or an activity in their lifetimes. These people are said to have addictive personalities.

Not every addict has an addictive personality. However, addicts often have a common set of characteristics, including acting impulsively or being unable to delay gratification. Other traits common for someone with an addictive personality are feeling socially alienated and being more sensitive to stress. A person with an addictive personality is generally prone to disorders like depression and anxiety as well.

Those with addictive personalities can help break the chain of addiction by identifying that they have characteristics that make them susceptible to addiction and then avoiding activities that can lead to addition. Again, not everyone who is addicted to a substance has an addictive personality. Whether you have an addictive personality or not, if you feel you may be an addict, help is available.

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    05. Oct, 2013

    Most addicted people are ashamed of their problem and don’t feel comfortable speaking frankly and openly about it. Professional interventionists have staged hundreds of interventions and have seen the emotional manipulation techniques addicted people commonly use to avoid having to admit they need help.

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