Tips that Make Long-Term Sobriety Easier to Manage

Tips that Make Long-Term Sobriety Easier to Manage

Posted on 21. Sep, 2016 by in Alcohol & Drug Abuse, Sober Living

Tips that Make Long-Term Sobriety Easier to ManageYou survived detox and perhaps some time in a recovery facility, but how do you put the odds in your favor when it comes to staying sober long term? This largely comes down to your mental perspective and your willingness to confront your problems in a healthy manner while reaching out to people who support you emotionally. You know that those things are necessary, but there are some other actions that may make it easier to commit to a sober lifestyle even when cravings and stress make it difficult.

Fill Your Calendar

It’s much easier to stay sober when you wake up with a sense of purpose every morning. You don’t want to over-schedule your time because that can lead to stress, and stress leads to thoughts of escape. Focus on scheduling activities that make you feel productive, valuable and respected.

You could get a job or volunteer with a program serving recovering addicts, families or the homeless. Signing up for recreational sports programs or immersing yourself in fitness or a creative hobby will work as well. Your social life also counts, so make sure that you’re spending time with safe people instead of isolating yourself from the world.

Serve Your Body

You neglected your health and appearance while focused on drugs or alcohol, and now it’s time to do the exact opposite. Focus on getting up at a reasonable hour each morning, taking a shower, brushing your teeth and following a nourishing skin care routine. Get regular haircuts, and start exercising and eating healthy foods. Get fully dressed each day even if you don’t plan on going out of the house.

Your appearance is a signal to the world and yourself that you’re healthy and you have your life together now. The more love you show yourself, the less you should want to harm your body.

Embrace Self-Expression

Addicts often use drugs to hide their emotions and run from their authentic selves. Staying sober requires you to confront your problems and pains from the past so that you can deal with them and move forward. Keeping your emotions in will hold you back, so find a way to express what’s on your mind. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Keep a journal. Write for at least a half hour every day, letting out whatever comes to mind. Keep your hand moving even if you have to repeat a word or idea over and over until something new springs to mind. Don’t edit as you write. You never have to show this to anyone, but it may help to discuss what surfaces with a counselor or supporter.
  • Write poetry or song lyrics.
  • Start painting or drawing.
  • Write short stories or a novel. You can even write your personal story into a memoir if it helps.
  • Keep a personal blog to explore your own mind while connecting with others.

Absorb More Vitamin D

Vitamin D is only formed within your body if you get outdoors so that your skin can absorb sunlight. The more you sit inside, the more you’re likely to isolate yourself from the world. Go outside every day, even if it’s just for a quick walk around the block or some relaxation time on the front porch. You’ll feel more energized, and it will give you an excuse to get dressed and move.

Notice that these tips for staying sober are easy to follow regardless of your location, your income or your choice of recovery program. They’re designed to help all recovering addicts build a life that they are proud to share with others, so pick a tip or two and get started today.


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