Tips for Preventing a Relapse

Posted on 12. Sep, 2013 by in Alcohol & Drug Abuse, Sober Living

After achieving sobriety, the last thing a recovering addict may want to think about is the possibility of relapsing. However uncomfortable it may be for a recovering addict to consider the likelihood that he or she might again abuse a substance, it is important to learn as much as possible about relapsing, including the warning signs of relapsing. Understanding addiction and recovery goes a long way in preventing a relapse.

As a recovering addict, be aware of emotional relapses. During an emotional relapse, your emotions might make you susceptible to start using again. If you find yourself suffering from anxiety, difficulty sleeping, poor appetite, and mood swings, you might be at risk of relapsing and you should seek help.

If you find yourself thinking about using drugs or alcohol again, you are likely having a mental relapse. You might find yourself reminiscing fondly about your past substance abuse or even planning the details of your relapse. It is important to tell someone about how you are feeling. Take your recovery one day at a time. Constantly worrying about whether you are strong enough to avoid relapsing for the rest of your life will be emotionally and mentally draining. Try to relax. Find ways to distract yourself for about 15 to 30 minutes, generally long enough for the urge to relapse to go away. Keep yourself physically strong. Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep and adequate nutrition.

Preventing a relapse is possible. Learn to recognize the symptoms of a relapse and do not hesitate to ask for help if you feel you might be at risk.

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