The Importance of Being and Having Sponsors

Posted on 05. Sep, 2013 by in Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Whether you like to think that you can do something on your own, or if you just do not know where to turn, it is essential that you look at some candidates for sponsors to help you through your addiction recovery. If you have been through it before and would like to be a sponsor, there are plenty of addicts out there who could use your help. The following will explain why it is so important to have or be a sponsor.

Having a Sponsor

As an addict, you have relied on a substance for possibly many, many years. It is almost impossible to just up and quit on your own, without having something or someone else to rely on. A sponsor is typically someone who has quit their own addiction and will be able to sympathize with you and help you through any dark situations you may find yourself in. Your sponsor is someone you can call in the middle of the day or the middle of the night to get support, encouragement, or simply just a listening ear. They might show up to check on you randomly throughout your week, because they genuinely care to help you become clean.

Being a Sponsor

If you have been through the recovery process yourself, you already know what a big difference a sponsor can make. Being a sponsor means that you will be there for the addict whenever they need you. They might find themselves in some dark places, and it will be you who will help them out. You will encourage them to get to recovery meetings, as well as to treatment centers. The difference you make in the life of someone else will be equally satisfying to you and as a sponsor, you may encourage others to become sponsors as well, making a huge difference in many lives.

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