Symptoms of Drug Addictions

Posted on 10. Oct, 2013 by in Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Drug addictions typically begin with recreational or casual use of drugs, and can quickly become a habit and then a full blown addiction. If you think someone you know might have a serious problem, then you should try to recognize the symptoms of drug addictions to understand the severity of the problem. Some typical drug addiction behaviors include:

  • Keeping a constant supply of the drug on hand all the time.
  • Spending money that they do not have in order to purchase the drug.
  • Using the drug on a regular basis, anywhere from daily to multiple times a day.
  • Lying, stealing or cheating (doing whatever it takes) in order to receive the drug.
  • Unable to stop using the drug, no matter how many times they have attempted.
  • Using the drug to help with problems, and then continuing to use it for other unrelated problems.
  • Spending the majority of their time and energy on obtaining the drug and using it.

An addict may show some or all of the above signs if they have a serious drug problem. If you recognize any of the above mentioned symptoms of drug addictions in a loved one, then you should encourage them to seek out professional help. There are many facilities that offer great resources to help addicts overcome their issues and start living a healthy and happy life. Just as a full blown drug addiction typically starts small, so does the recovery process. Be patient and try to inspire your loved one to find help.

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