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How to Survive Living With a Loved One Who is an Addict

Posted on 04. Jun, 2015 by in Addiction, Alcohol & Drug Abuse, Self Harm, Therapy

Living with a loved one who is addicted to a drug or substance is one of the most challenging situations you will ever live through. Although you work hard to ensure that that person does not have access to any substance or situation that could cause a relapse, there is no way that you can monitor that person 24/7 to prevent them from acting out.

Seek Out Professional Help for Your Loved One

No matter how strong their willpower is, your loved one needs to seek out professional help. Whether they choose to undergo professional treatment at an inpatient drug rehab facility or to enroll in outpatient treatment does not matter as long as you continue to stand by them to offer them the love and support they need to overcome this ordeal.

Recognize and Understand Your Feelings

You have to remain strong even if you feel like breaking down. Do not assume for a minute that your loved one is the only one that is affected by their addiction. Anyone that lives inside of your household is going to suffer from the side effects of having a drug addict under your roof. Regardless of how little or often you and your family interact with the affected individual, the effects of each interaction will impact your feelings and relationship with that person.

Seek Counseling for Your Family

Go to counseling even if you feel you do not need to. A therapist can provide much-needed guidance, support, and resources to help you and your family to understand that addiction is a disease. The therapist can also help you to learn healthy and effective coping mechanisms that will improve the atmosphere inside of your home to make it more comfortable, positive and peaceful for everyone that lives there.

Living with a loved one who is battling an addiction does not have to cause your world to fall apart. With the right outlook and access to resources, you and your loved one can overcome this situation together to develop a stronger and healthier relationship.


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