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Staying Sober Is Attainable

Posted on 27. Feb, 2015 by in Sober Living

When you are dealing with an addiction of any kind, staying sober is imperative to your quality of life. It can be difficult to stay away from your drug of choice without a plan to maintain your sobriety. You are the only person who can choose to stay sober and change your lifestyle.

Deal With All Your Health Concerns

Making a choice to be sober and getting in rehab is a good step toward recovery. However, if you have other health problems that need to be dealt with, you may still struggle with sobriety until you take care of them. Depression or other mental health problems exacerbate addictions, and many people self-medicate with drugs and alcohol to mask these issues.

Choose the Right Tools

There are many different types of treatment modalities. You will need to develop new coping skills that actually work. The first ones you try may not work effectively. Just because one thing does not work, does not mean that you will not find one that is effective. It takes time to implement changes into your life.

Build Your Support System

While you are responsible for your sobriety, having a support system that you can rely on is helpful. Instead of feeling guilty for asking for their help all the time, you can offer your services to them. Giving of yourself helps you get out of your own head and rise above your situation. Spending time with sober people encourages you to stay sober, too.

A Slip-Up Is Not Failure

You cannot make a habit of slipping back into your old lifestyle. You also have to forgive yourself when you do make a mistake. Learn from your bad choices so that you do not make them again, instead of wallowing in self-pity. You can rise above your addiction and choose the lifestyle you want. Having an open mind and staying positive will help you stay sober. It might be cliché, but you really do have to take it one day at a time.


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