Stay Sober by Avoiding the Holiday Blues

Stay Sober by Avoiding the Holiday Blues

Posted on 09. Oct, 2015 by in Addiction, Alcohol & Drug Abuse, Sober Living

The holidays are known for being a time of festivities, love, and happiness. Food fills tables and then bellies as families and friends join together for a time of laughs and memories. However, for some people, the holidays bring disruption, leaving them with feelings of lowness, loneliness, and a drive to drink. If you need to stay sober this holiday season, consider these ways to avoid getting the holiday blues in the first place.

Avoid the Sweet and Savory

Comfort food is mostly known to increase the release of your brain’s endorphins, the feel-good chemical of the brain. Comfort food is also known to be full of fats and sugars, which can leave you with the opposite feeling of bloat and lethargy. Avoid a lot of these foods altogether, keeping your mind on a balanced diet during festivities. You may miss out on half a pumpkin pie, but you will feel better overall.

Do Not Forget Support

Well before plans are set in stone, make sure you make plans to see your support system at some point during the rush of holiday bustle. Your therapist, close friends, or sponsor all need to be reached out to. Plan appointments and coffee meet-ups. These can be anchors for you when you need them.

Find New Rituals

If you find yourself alone this holiday season, it is a good time to reach out to non-user friends or people in your support group. Do not let yourself get tangled in bad holiday memories by making good, new ones with people who will support your sobriety.

Take Care of Yourself

Especially if you are taking time off from work, make sure you remember to shower, brush your teeth, sleep enough, and eat a balanced diet. These few things may not seem like a big deal to you now, but if neglected can swing you into an emotional place you do not want to be in.

Have Fun

Lastly, try to have fun with the people and events that will not drive you to drink. Let go of any resentment and focus on how far you have in your sobriety.

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