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Sober Friendships Are a Must

Posted on 25. Mar, 2015 by in Sober Living

Quitting an addiction is hard work. Once you have kicked a tough habit such as drugs or alcohol, sober friendships can help you stay that way. Clear-headed companions help you stay on the wagon.

Find New Friends

You will need to find new drug-free and alcohol-free buddies to spend time with if you want to remain sober. After traveling the challenging path to sobriety, the last thing you want to do is hang out with people who still drink or take drugs. Avoid temptation and spend time with pals who share your goal of sobriety.

Where to Meet Them

When you are ready to meet new acquaintances for this next chapter of your life, you can connect with them in a multitude of places. Meet them:

  • Sober Friends | XLDrugRehabBlog.comThrough family members
  • Through other sober friends
  • At 12-Step groups
  • At church, synagogue, or temple
  • In classes (art, creative writing, math)
  • At dog parks
  • At meditation sitting groups
  • At the gym
  • At poetry readings

The best places to meet healthy people are at healthy places. Go to where people are learning, growing, exercising, worshipping, appreciating art, or caring for their pets, and you will meet a variety of sober comrades.

When You Run Into Old Friends

Of course, there will be times you will run into old non-sober pals, so it is better to be prepared. There will be also be social occasions such as wedding where alcohol is being served. Rehearse your strategy ahead of time.

  • Hold a glass of water so you will not be offered another drink
  • Practice saying, “No thanks.”
  • Volunteer to be the designated driver
  • Make a list of why you gave up alcohol or drugs and reread it often

Having sober buddies will be a huge support, especially in the early days of your sobriety. As time goes on, they will just be your “buddies” because being sober will simply be a part of who you are.


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