Signs Of Teen Depression

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It is estimated that one in eight teens have depression. Keep in mind that it is normal for people to occasionally feel down in the dumps. However, it is not normal for a teen to feel that way all of the time. Teen depression has a tendency to get worse if it is left untreated. That is why it is important for parents, teachers and caregivers to be able to recognize the signs of this condition.

Poor school performance, withdrawal from activities and friends, low self-esteem, feelings of guilt, rage, anger and changes in sleeping or eating patterns are some of the signs of teen depression. There are a variety of treatments that are available for teens who are depressed.

Psychotherapy is one of the treatments that doctors frequently recommend. This therapy helps teens explore the feelings and events that are causing them to become depressed. It also teaches them how to cope with depression. Cognitive-behavior therapy is another form of therapy that has been shown to be very effective for coping with depression. It helps people change the negative thinking patterns that are contribute to depression.

Medication may also be recommended to help teens cope with depression. However, teens who take medication to treat depression will have to be monitored very closely.

There are some things that can be done to reduce the risk of depression. Managing stress and forming positive relationships with other people can help reduce one’s the risk of developing this condition. Additionally, good health habits, such as exercising and getting the proper amount of rest may reduce the risk of depression.

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  1. Ross Vaughn

    21. Sep, 2013

    It is scary for a teen dealing with teen depression, it can be a simple episode that they’re upset over a breakup. Or, it can be a constant depression that can destroy lives. As a parent of two preteen boys I keep an eye for warning signs that mine may have teen depression
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