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Reasons Why Drug Rehab Works

Posted on 29. May, 2013 by in Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Entering a drug rehab center is one of the best ways to treat drug or alcohol addiction. The treatment is not guaranteed to work, but there is a phenomenal success rate for those who have acknowledged that they have an addiction problem and really want to recover. The advantages of recovering from addiction in these centers are many, some of which include:

• Patients days are planned for them, and they have to stick to them religiously. Being kept busy all the time, they are not exposed to outside influences that could stress them out or distract them

• Patients are given medications to help them to reduce the stress caused by withdrawal symptoms, and receive either group or individual counseling regarding their addiction

• Support is available 24/7, so in the event of a patient experiencing cravings, there is always someone for them to talk to, to help them deal with their cravings, and not submit to them

• Apart from addicts not having access to drugs or alcohol, they are also monitored by being tested for drugs or alcohol – depending on what they are addicted to. Being in the center therefore, means that they will stay drug-free for as long as they are at the center

Finally, once a patient is released from drug rehab, the treatment doesn’t stop, because he or she is still supported in the outside world with counseling, meetings, and other follow-up programs that the center offers, to make sure that he or she does indeed stay drug-free.

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