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A Quick Guide to Avoiding Relapse as a Recovering Addict

Posted on 08. Jan, 2016 by in Addiction, Sober Living

Addiction is a lifelong struggle that often persists long after a person abstains from substance use. This is because the threat of relapse never goes away entirely. Sometimes, there can be years or even decades of sobriety between relapses. The risk can persist in spite of the best recovery methods, and the urge to revert to old lifestyles may be more difficult to overcome in challenging situations. Fortunately, it is possible to beat the temptation, and this step-by-step guide reveals how former addicts can stay on the right path!

  1. Change All of Your Habits

When you are trying to kick a bad habit, your other behavioral patterns may interfere. If you maintain the same rituals after overcoming an addiction, you will face a greater chance of relapsing. This is because the psychological link between certain activities and substance use cannot be broken. As a result, it is wise to overhaul your entire lifestyle.

  1. Switch Social Circles

During recovery, it is wise to eliminate all bad influences. Avoiding a relapse is already hard enough to do on its own, so you don’t need people around who are going to give you a hard time. Peer pressure is a very powerful influence for all of us, and it’s wise to only pick acquaintances who encourage positive pursuits!

  1. Stay Active

For a lot of recovering addicts, withdrawal pangs can be cured by physical exercise. Sometimes, all the brain really craves is the endorphin rush and stress relief that it used to get from drugs. Fortunately, this natural sensation can be achieved through rigorous fitness routines. As a bonus, working out is a great way to detoxify your system. Any undertaking that breaks a sweat will flush out harmful toxins.

Other General Tips:


  • Avoid all media that glorifies substance abuse or addiction.
  • Keep safe substitutes, such as tea or caffeine, nearby in case of a future desire to relapse.
  • Reward yourself for sticking to your plan. Positive reinforcement is always better than negative reinforcement.
  • Don’t punish yourself for relapsing if it happens. Being mean to yourself will only make it harder to quit again.


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