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Patients Must Be Careful to Avoid Pain Medications Addictions

Posted on 02. Apr, 2014 by in Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Effective pain management frequently requires the prescription of powerful pain-relief medications. Some of these medications can be addictive. Experiencing pain is encouragement enough, but if your health care provider is also further encouraging you to take a certain medication that happens to have addictive properties, it can be all too easy to form an addiction to your medication. Pain medications addictions are widespread and dangerous, but they can be avoided.

First it is important to understand the distinction between dependence, tolerance, and actual addiction. Physical dependence can result from a large number of medications, and are evident when withdrawal symptoms occur as a result of an abrupt cessation of the medication. This is not the same as addiction, as there is not necessarily any psychological component to the experience.

Tolerance, meanwhile, occurs when an initially prescribed dosage gradually loses its effectiveness over time. This is also distinct from addiction, as it depends on the nature of the drug and the body’s ability to respond to it. If you find that you need to take more of a drug in order to maintain the same effect, it is not a symptom of addiction.

Pain medications addictions exist when a psychological response leads to a behavioral response. The behavioral response is where the signs of addiction become evident. People suffering from addiction are prone to social withdrawal, shying away from activities with family and friends. There might be personality changes, including swings in energy and mood. The need to take the medication may supplant one’s drive achieve other routine tasks during the day.

People that have experienced other addictions (such as tobacco, drugs, or alcohol) in the past are more susceptible to pain medications addictions. Their doctors should know about their history of chemical dependency, however, and take care to prescribe their meds accordingly. Yet even a recovering addict can take potentially addictive pain medications without forming an addiction, as long as they follow their doctor’s instructions carefully and exactly.

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