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Parents: Use these Tips to Keep Your Teen Safe from Substance Use

Posted on 19. May, 2016 by in Alcohol & Drug Abuse

It’s hard to shield your teen from all the dangers there are in the world. And knowing that dangers exist might make it hard to send them out into adulthood. However, there are ways that you can support your child in making the best decisions for themselves as they slowly let go of childhood and stand more firm in being an adult. One facet of assisting teens make this transition is helping them stay sober and safe around substances.


Here are five tips for helping your teen make healthy decisions and avoid teen substance abuse.

  1. Stay sober yourself. Of course, most children and teens are looking at their parents, even unconsciously, with regard to their behavior, choices, and attitudes. You can let your life be an example of sobriety and living a full and meaningful life without drugs and alcohol. Your own habits and attitudes about tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs make a big impression on your child. Parents, you can empower your children to be strong, resourceful, and self-reliant through your own example.
  2. Stay firm on the topics that matter. As a parent, you should communicate your expectations, guidelines, and boundaries, especially around drug and alcohol use. Give clear, specific messages when talking about drugs of any kind, so your teen knows exactly what is expected of him. Doing so will create clear structure. In fact, adolescents as well as children need firm boundaries. Knowing what’s expected of them helps them know right from wrong, and this is particularly true for drinking and drug use.
  3. Be available when your teen wants to talk. Children and teens need to know they can rely on you for support, encouragement, validation, and accurate information about drugs and drinking. When a teen feels safe in relationships with his family, especially his parents, he or she feels secure enough to explore the world around him or her, and this can include exploring sensitive subjects. When there’s safety in relationships and in communication between two people, children will feel comfortable in talking about sensitive subjects.
  4. Limit your teen’s online use. it’s important to limit the use of the computer, television, and social media. Many risks are born out of spending too much time online, such as cyber bullying, addiction, and information that can easily pressure teens in doing what they might not otherwise do. Furthermore, you can read, watch TV, and go to the movies with your child in order to differentiate the often glorified images of drug use compared to the realistic dangers of using drugs and alcohol.
  5. Teach your teen how to have fun without substances. One message that surrounds teens is that substances are fun. The media bombards teens with images of drinking alcohol and that doing so will bring you closer to friends and/or give you the opportunity to meet a girlfriend or boyfriend. Many people make the association in their mind that alcohol means having a good time. However, you can spend time with your teen and communicate that you don’t need alcohol or drugs to have a good time.

These are tips for helping your teen avoid using substances and the dangers that come with them.



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