Overcome the Destructive Cycle of Depression and Addiction

Posted on 22. Jan, 2014 by in Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Whether you have been using drugs for a month or for a lifetime, you have probably experienced the vicious cycle of depression and addiction. This can be true even if you have never considered the twin problems before. One gift a drug rehabilitation facility can give to you is an understanding of how this dangerous cycle is affecting you. With this knowledge, you can better participate in the recovery ahead. Depression and addiction form two sides of a vicious cycle that will try to pull you down; but they can be overcome. With help you can succeed in leaving drugs behind you forever.

Depression is one large cause of the initial decision to use drugs, even if it is not the only cause. Many depressed people feel trapped by feelings that they worry will never leave. These negative feelings can make peer pressure more convincing and can make the temporary escape available from drugs more desirable. Once experimentation with drugs begins, depression deepens as the problems related with drug use surround you. Without a positive outlet for depression, it can drive you to feel that you need drugs to relieve the emotional anguish that you face.

Addiction is the other side of the destructive cycle. After the chemicals in drugs take hold of you, they change your body’s normal function so that intense cravings demand more drugs. The addiction controls your mind and your response to society until it controls your life. The powerlessness of your situation causes increased depression and a physiological drive to take more drugs in order to escape the negative feelings that grip you. As your addiction worsens, the depression that hits you when you crash becomes ever more intense until you may feel that escape is impossible.

This cycle of depression and addiction can be found in almost every instance of drug use.  However, the cycle can be shattered and you can find freedom to control your life again. With the help of a drug rehabilitation center, you can find the support and help you need to overcome the horrors that these twin devastators carry. A road to genuine happiness is still open to you.

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