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Posted on 15. Apr, 2014 by in Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Shocking facts and statistics reveal just how serious teen substance abuse is and how urgent intervention is needed to save future generations. About 50% of senior high-school students have abused at least one substance, 43% of the same category of high school aged kids have tried marijuana while at least 15% of eighth graders have tried it. Drugs are sold or kept in schools according to reports by over 60% of teens, and close to 64% of teens used prescription drugs given to them by family or friends. The accessibility of these substances by teens is alarming and the results devastating. Talking to teens can reduce their substance abuse indulgence by 42%, but it does not happen as often as it should; only 25% of teens reported the occurrence of such conversations.

Alcohol and cigarettes

Alcohol and cigarettes trial, regular use and addiction have been reported of teens from eighth grade to senior high school. While the average age of boys’ alcohol trial is 11, and that of girls 13 years of age, younger teens have tried alcohol, become dependent, drunk and driven, and even died from alcohol-influenced violence among other alcohol-related vices.

Rehab programs for teens

Luckily for teens and their families, treatment help is available for substance abuse as well as addiction. Treatment help can be availed in the form of intervention, detoxification, individual and group therapy, psychiatric evaluation, management of medication for physical or mental conditions that a teen suffers, as well as academic programs. Different rehab centers that treat teen substance abuse and addiction employ equine therapy, 12 steps program, music therapy, adventure therapy and or art therapy, among other substance abuse and addiction treatment programs. Parents or guardians of teens, who abuse or are addicted to drugs, should properly research on what treatment help will help their teen. regularly updates the information and can be very helpful.



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