How to Spot Signs of Internet Addiction

Posted on 03. Dec, 2013 by in Addiction

It is nearly impossible to live in today’s modern world without using the internet. The internet can be a really fun place full of great learning tools. The internet can also be highly addictive to some people who start to completely live their lives online. There are more and more people with an internet addiction every day. Here are some ways you can spot if your loved is addicted to being online.

Are they unable to live life like they used to? Some important life activities to look out for are maintaining a job, paying bills on time, having healthy real life relationships with family and friends, keeping a clean house, taking care of pets, and continuing general grooming behavior. If someone you know has an internet addiction, they may start to stop doing some of these activities. If they are spending all of their time on a computer, it may be difficult for them to maintain other normal behaviors.

Time online has increased significantly. You should also pay attention to how much time the person you love spends online. If their real life relationships are suffering while online relationships blossom, they may have an addiction. You may also notice that they have constant thoughts about being online or needing to be online whenever they are away from their smart phone or computer.

Anxiety. Many people with an online addiction feel great anxiety about possibly missing something that happens online. They may worry about a post they made in a forum or social media. They may also worry about missed emails or Skype chats. This desire not to miss anything may also keep them up late at night, causing them to not get enough sleep.

People with an internet addiction need treatment just like anyone else with an addiction. There are plenty of great rehab centers that can help guide the person you love into living a more normal, healthy and well-rounded life both online and off.

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