How Stress Factors into Substance Abuse

Posted on 27. Aug, 2013 by in Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Everyone will experience stress throughout their lives, but will react to it differently and let it affect them in different ways. While some people have managed to develop coping techniques for their stress factor, such as exercising, talking to a friend or cleaning, others may struggle to find something to make them feel better and will turn to drugs or alcohol to relieve pressure.

Research has shown for many years that there is a strong connection between substance abuse and stress. In addition, it is one of the biggest reasons for relapse in recovering addicts and children who are exposed to severe stress at a young age may be more susceptible to drug addiction and abuse. If you are worried that the stress factor may be a contributing reason for a loved one’s substance abuse, then here are a few treatment ideas that might help them:

  • Completion of a successful treatment program is much more likely if your loved one realizes they handle stress in an unhealthy way and are ready to seek help.
  • There are a variety of effective behavioral therapies and even some medications that can assist with recovering substance abusers.
  • Support from family and friends is one of the most important steps in seeking recovery from an addiction, and taking steps to alleviate stress as much as possible in the patient’s life.

If you have tried talking to your loved one about their substance abuse and the stress factor that increases it, and they do not seem ready to seek treatment yet, then call an experienced counselor, doctor or therapist and talk to them about your concerns. By providing love and support to the addict, you are helping them get their life back already.

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