Gift Ideas for a Loved One In Recovery

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Buying a gift for a loved one can be difficult enough. This is especially true when your loved one is recovering from the illness of addiction. Addiction is a life-threatening condition that impacts the lives of millions of Americans. The road to recovery is a long and arduous one, with many ups and downs along the way, so it is only right to reward your loved one for taking control of their life. Here are a few items that would make great gifts for someone in recovery.

Meditation or Yoga Classes

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Meditation is an excellent tool for anyone recovering from a mental disorder, particularly substance abuse. Meditation will allow your loved one to sit with troubling emotions, instead of turning to alcohol and drugs to make them go away. It is also an excellent tool for relaxation and anger management. Yoga, which is an Ancient Indian form of moving meditation, can offer many of the same benefits. Purchase your loved one a gift certificate for some meditation or yoga classes to help encourage activities that will benefit their recovery.



Much like meditation, journaling allows recovering addicts to confront inner emotions head on. It is a confidential, yet highly effective way to observe your feelings from a neutral perspective. Personalized journals make excellent gifts for someone in recovery and mental health experts have always applauded the cathartic property of writing and journaling. Whether your loved one is creative at heart, or simply want to express their emotions, you can’t go wrong with a journal.

Relaxation CD

Relaxation CD

A relaxation CD is a wonderful gift for someone in recovery. Many of these CDs/mp3s feature calming natural sounds and guided meditations. After a long day, there is no better way to de-stress and reflect.

All of these gift ideas offer a multitude of benefits. When choosing a one, remember to focus more on meaning instead of cost. There are many potential gifts for someone in recovery, but sometimes compassion and patience may be the best gift you can give your loved one.

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