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Family Support During Rehab

Posted on 20. Jun, 2013 by in Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Rehab is not a solo effort. It always involves a team – group therapy members, a treatment team, or a facility staff. It is important, though, that it involves another team – namely, the family of the individual in rehabilitation. Family support is very important during rehab.

Family support is incredibly helpful for those in rehab, especially when the process is entered into voluntarily. Rehabilitation is a hard and often trying road, and many individuals face the possibility of relapse if they forget why they have entered into it in the first place. A few words of support from the family, though, can help those individuals undergoing treatment to remember that there is a world outside that is waiting for them. By making sure that the family is involved in the process, the possibility of relapse is greatly reduced. After all, many people tend to strive harder towards a goal when they have group support.

Familial support is not always a possibility during rehab, but it is one that should be sought out. Whether the family provides basic support or it simply exists as a goal to strive towards, those in rehab simply need the extra degree of motivation to get through the treatment. If family members are willing to be involved, they should be available as a combination of coach and cheerleader – individuals who motivate the person in rehab to stay the course and to continue to strive towards a goal which they all want to see realized.

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