Different Types of Rehab Therapies Offered at a Rehab Center

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If someone you love is addicted to a harmful substance, it can be devastating. The good news is that there are several different types of rehab therapies that drug abuse rehab centers use as effective treatment for the addict. Whether you have been through treatment before, or if this is something you are just looking into for yourself or a loved one, the therapies offered are extremely effective when applied and approached properly.


Throughout the treatment process, and although it may sound counterproductive, many addicts are given medication to help them get off of the substance they are addicted to. The medications will help to alleviate the stress or pain of withdrawal, as well as target different areas of the brain to relieve cravings. Because it is done in a controlled rehab center, there is no concern of misuse or overdose when the abuser is given these medications.

Cognitive Behavior

Another type of therapy that is commonly used in drug rehab centers is cognitive behavioral therapy. This helps the addict to recognize and avoid situations where they would be most likely to abuse their substance of choice.


Multidimensional family therapy is typically used for families of teens with an addiction, as well as the addict themselves. It helps the family to see patterns that may have contributed to the addiction so that they can eliminate them from their family life.

Motivational Interviews

This type of therapy gets the addict one-on-one with a therapist so that the professional can gauge where the addict is at in terms of changing their behavior.

Of course, there are more types of therapy out there as well. Each center has different rehab therapies, and the important part is that you get your loved one to a rehab center that works the best for them.

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