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Different Types of Drugs, and Dangers Associated With Them

Posted on 14. Feb, 2014 by in Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Everybody knows that there are many ways that drugs can negatively impact lives. There are many emotional and physical problems associated with doing drugs. The dangers of drugs vary depending on the type of drug that is being used, how often it is used, and how it is ingested. There are three basic categories that drugs fall into, and each type drug has specific dangers associated with it: sedatives, stimulants and hallucinogens.

Sedative drugs such as heroine are some of the most addictive and dangerous. Heroin overdoses can lead to death. It is common to become physically dependent on these drugs, and if one stops using them they will usually experience symptoms of withdrawal. These drugs are extremely dangerous when they are mixed; it creates a high probability that one will overdose.

Dangers of drugs that are stimulants are quite different from the dangers associated with sedatives. Large quantities of stimulants such as cocaine or meth can lead to panic attacks, and even psychotic behavior. It is especially dangerous for people who have high blood pressure or heart conditions.

Hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD can create incredibly disturbing experience that can lead the user to demonstrate erratic and dangerous behaviors. The likelihood of this happening is greater if the person is already unstable. If one is caught using them by the authorities, it could lead to getting arrested, and a myriad of other legal problems.

The dangers of drugs also vary depending on how the drug is taken into the body. If it is done by injection, the user could possibly get HIV or hepatitis. If the drug is sniffed through the nose, it can cause damage to the nasal passages. If the drug is inhaled, it can cause damage to the lungs. There are many things that make drugs dangerous. If someone has begun using harmful drugs, it is important for them to seek help immediately, so they do not become a danger to themselves and those around them.

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