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The Billion Dollar Campaign: Hillary Clinton’s Drug Abuse Plan

Posted on 22. Sep, 2015 by in Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Hillary Clinton's Drug Abuse Plan | XLDrugRehabBlog.com

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign recently released the news that they have a $10 billion plan to propose regarding America’s alcohol and drug abuse epidemic. Clinton is a presidential hopeful for the 2016 elections, and with the introduction of this plan she has garnered a serious amount of attention both from legislators and modern American citizens alike. Clinton’s claim is that it is time to finally address this epidemic which has been flourishing in the United States and going unacknowledged, and she has a plan to right this problem.

The Plan

Clinton proposes that there are three primary problems with the way America handles its drug and alcohol addicts, and has offered subsequent solutions to these issues, potentially ushering in a new era for the understanding and treatment of substance abuse in the States.

  1. Treatment and Recovery Programs

The health care system, Clinton says, has allowed too many gaps where treatment has gone unapplied, and she hopes to feed $7.5 billion into new federal-state partnerships to aid local treatment programs.

  1. First Responder Equipment

Clinton wants to see first responders have medical supplies which can be used to stop opioid overdoses from becoming fatal, making it possible to save those potentially calling for help because of their addiction. Without the appropriate drugs, first responders cannot help people who are in danger of dying from overdose.

  1. Treatment versus Incarceration

She also hopes to address the issue of treatment versus incarceration, with the focus being on treatment. Clinton’s plan would have state Attorneys General prioritize treatment in situations with nonviolent and low-level federal drug offenders.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has taken a surprising turn in its radical acknowledgement and proposals regarding drug and alcohol abuse in the United States. With these three primary alterations Clinton hopes to change the face of the addictions rampant in America for the better, caring for the victims of substance abuse in the way that she says they need, rather than focusing on labeling them as criminals and sending them to their corresponding cells.


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