Alternative Addictions for Substance Abusers

Posted on 26. Aug, 2013 by in Alcohol & Drug Abuse

You may have heard it said before that some people have an addicting personality. This means they usually have one or several things in their lives that are completely addicting to them and as their life progresses their addictions may change as well. If you have a loved one who has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, then it may be beneficial for their recovery if you try to introduce alternative addictions they can spend their time and energy on instead. Here are a few to help you get started:

  • Exercise

This is one of the most widely used alternative addictions. Many runners describe the “high” feeling they receive after a good run, and the brain itself responds positively to exercise. It is almost like we are rewarding our body when we work out, and it can quickly become a passion for people who see results and thrive on the great feeling a workout provides.

  • Books and/or movies

Some substance abusers have found solace and security in passionately reading books or taking up a hobby like movie trivia. It does not matter exactly how a recovering drug addict spends their time, just as long as they enjoy what they are doing and it takes their mind off of their substance of choice.

  • Pets

It is a great idea for someone overcoming an addiction to get a pet or two that can help fill their time. Dogs and cats can provide great companionship and help recovering addicts feel needed and supported.

If your loved one is trying to recover from a substance abuse, you are already on the right track in seeking information on alternative addictions to help them on their journey. Hopefully they will continue on the path to full recovery.

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