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5 Sober Activities for a Frightfully Exciting Halloween

Posted on 12. Oct, 2016 by in Addiction, Sober Living

Ah, Halloween, it’s that time of year again when kids gorge on candy, and the grownups enjoy other things. Now that you are sober, you know that it’s going to take some planning to overcome your cravings, but don’t worry. With these awesome ideas, you can look forward to Halloween with confidence that enjoying sober activities brings new meaning to the fun.

Get Lost In a Corn Maze

While haunted houses are always a thrill, trying to navigate your way through rows of sky high corn stalks is like nothing you have ever seen before. This time of year, you can find corn mazes designed for beginners along with a few that require several hours to find your way through. You can also find a few that are designed just for older teens and adults with costumed actors heightening the fun by chasing you all the way to the exit.

Enjoy a Haunted Hay Ride

Hay rides are another fun fall activity, and hopping on a bed full of straw with your friends for a frightful evening is sure to be an event you will remember. As you and your friends enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, you can shriek and gasp at the ghosts and goblins that prance around in the darkness. Be sure to go early, and tour the pumpkin patch to make it a full day’s event.

Host a Scary Movie Night

Staying in is a great way to avoid temptation, and you can turn Halloween into a wonderful opportunity to bond with your friends. This time of year there is a ton of frightful movies available that will give everyone a thrill. Serve popcorn, and look up some Halloween finger foods to make such as witch’s fingers and spider cookies that will add a touch of deliciousness to your party. Set the ambiance with some flickering candles and creepy decorations. Then, see who gets scared the most as you watch horror flicks in a darkened room.

Plan a Yard Decorating Contest

Getting your house ready for Halloween is fun, and you can turn your haunted decorations into an opportunity for a contest. Choose a judge, and ask your friends to each decorate their home as spooky as possible. On Halloween, gather everyone to trick-or-treat at each house to see whose decorations are the scariest. For a prize, give a decoration that they can use to make next year’s decorations spookier than ever.

Volunteer at a Community Event

Serving others always feels good, and you can avoid feeling like you are missing out by getting involved. Most communities and religious organizations host special events on Halloween night. Whether you choose to bake food or a support group or host a booth at your city’s carnival, you can get in on the Halloween fun while making the night amazing for others.

This year, Halloween may be a little different, but you will quickly discover how much fun it can be to enjoy sober activities through all the festivities. Whether you enjoy a scare on a haunted trail or catch some smiles as you hand out prizes during a fall-themed contest, you will make it through this event with flying colors. By planning beforehand, you can stay so busy that all you will notice is that the night is full of fun.


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