3 Signs of an Eating Disorder

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Eating disorders can be very dangerous.  A person with an eating disorder has aberrant eating habits that can impact their overall health. They affect women, men, teens and even pre-teens.  Three common types are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating.  Here are 3 signs of eating disorders.   

Missing meals

People with eating disorders are very conscious about consuming food and preoccupied about their weight.  Counting calories can become an obsession for them.  They may only eat small amount of low calorie foods. A person with an eating disorder may make excuses about why they are not eating and may even try to plan meetings and visits outside of mealtimes so they don’t have to eat. They are also known to cook a big meal and not eat any of it themselves. They frequently complain about being fat.

Going to the bathroom after eating

Another sign of a person with an eating disorder is if they always going to the bathroom right after a meal. They are probably doing this so they can throw up. Another way they purge their system of food is by using laxatives to make them go to the bathroom. They may even have scarred knuckles due to repeatedly inducing themselves to vomit.

Excessive exercising

Signs of eating disorders also include excessive exercising.  They are frequently compulsive about exercise. They may spend hours at the gym running or working out, because they believe they need to burn off food they have consumed. Their obsession with exercise may even compel them to skip events and classes because they feel they need to be working out.  The more weight they lose the more they may even feel they need to exercise.

An eating disorder can cause serious health issues such as a stunted growth, severe tooth decay due to inordinate vomiting, organ failure and even death. Three signs of eating disorders are skipping meals, frequently going to the bathroom right after meals and excessive exercising.

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